Go WOW Team Membership – Join Any Time

When you train with Go WOW Team you have half of your training issues taken care of!

You already know the commitment it takes to cross the finish line of any race.

Whether a 5K or a marathon your training starts months earlier with workouts almost every day.2a

Whether you walk the distance or run like the wind, you need:

  • Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Training plan
  • Nutrition assistance
  • Race day guidanceChristy and Ann, pre race! Oakland Run Fest 2012, photo by Lauren G
  • A supportive group
  • New friends and fun

Join Go WOW now.  Keep training until you cross that finish line. Stay with us for the fun and friendship. We wThe girls take a walking break in Sunday's training at Heather Farmsork out every week of the year!

All for the great value of $149. *

*Your starter membership orientation fee of $149 includes all workouts the first month and all other kinds of goodies, too. After that you can choose to keep the unlimited workout subscription or go to the weekend only membership.

Welcome to Go WOW Team – Best Run Club in the Bay Area!

Train with Go WOW Team and join a community of supportive, committed, motivated women who choose a few special ra.04ces to train for each year then just keep on moving! For fun, fitness, friendship, and with the knowledge that fitness should be a regular part of our lives, not just a one time goal!

RRCA and USATF Certified Coaches and mentors host a variety of workouts for novice walkers through experienced runners. The camaraderie and training combine to create a program that extends far beyond just running miles. We offer structure through daily training advice and scheduled workouts, coaching, nutrition counseling, from Facebookand friendship

Women join this program to learn how far they might be able to reach when given the time and opportunity to explore possibilities and potential. Some members have been with Go WOW for almost a decade!

Our Wednesday and Sunday coached Go WOW training runs will take you on roads and trails all over the bay.

15Coaches will be there to guide, advise, and assist you in reaching your training, racing, and nutrition goals. Go WOW programs encourage half marathon or 5K distances and can be tweaked for other races in the same time frame, if needed.

The 12 Week Program 

Coach Stephanie
Coach Stephanie in her workout attire. The usual!

Whether you are a fitness walker, beginning runner, or an experienced half marathoner the program is designed to help you achieve your training goals.

Program Features:

  • Detailed day-to-day training schedule
  • Several group workouts per week including Wednesday tempo or speed workouts and Sunday disGroup at CIMtance workouts for all abilities
  • RRCA and USATF Certified Coaches
  • Coach supported training and additional volunteer led workouts
  • Seminars and advice on stretching, injury prevention, nutrition, footwear, foam rolling, strength training, and more
  • Team social events
  • The Winners’ Circle Facebook group for group discussions, finding running partners, planning extra workouts, organizing car pools, sharing photos, etc.
  • Weekly e-newsletter with location specific weekly schedules, training tips, recipes, race news, etc.
  • Discounts at local community partners
  • Rewards through the WOW Team Challenge Reward Program

You may join WOW any time of the year as we work out year-round and have new participants joining at their convenience.

Want to know more about Go WOW Team or Go WOW Living? Look over this entire website and also look at our sister site at Go WOW Living.

Please email us for more information. Email Address is: go@gowowteam.com

Phone: 510 261-8671

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