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Marathon Minute

Lauren G, glad to have the hills out of the way. On to the food!

April 22, 2012

It’s been so much fun to pound the pavement with the WOW women preparing for the See Jane Run Half Marathon, or 5K the last two Sundays! It’s just 6 weeks away until race day! WOW women braved heat to complete their training runs this week-end, and Coach Stephanie was there to remind us all to stay hydrated.

Bravo to Beth W who ran 14 miles on Saturday in preparation for the Diva Half Marathon on May 6!

Our wonderful Coach Stephanie knows just how to keep us together whether we are training for a half marathon or a 5K. While we run very fast with our track work-outs, even our fastest 400 meter will not be an indication of how fast we will run on race day. With each increment of distance our speed slows down. In other words, you run a 5k quite fast, but each race from the 10K, half marathon and marathon has increasingly slower minutes per mile goals because we slow down to achieve the distance. We are so lucky to have Coach Stephanie help us figure out just what speed is right for us for each race.

By including a tempo run, a track work out and a long run each week you will be ready for your race on June 3.