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Weekly Pep Talk Issue 1 Nov 25, 2007 Revisited

Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of The Weekly Pep Talk

Tackling the hills at Inspiration Point

To add perspective to the wonder of Go WOW Team I am publishing each of the Weekly Pep Talks starting from Issue 1. If you are one of our WOW Members who has been a part of this group since 2007 please comment here. And thank you so much for being part of this awesome group of women. Go WOW Team! – Coach Stephanie

Ask About Running
The Weekly Pep Talk
First Issue, November 25, 2007
This week is dedicated to runner Jane M. (we’ve had some great runs together!)
Monday, November 26 – Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hello to All!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Weekly Pep Talk; commentary on life for women who run. My name is Stephanie Atwood. Many of you know me from my work as a running coach. There is more to life than running yet, when Running Becomes a Part of Your Life, it will influence all other aspects. This was the impetus for writing this weekly digest.

We all have lives outside of our running yet; running has brought us together in one way or another. I want to share all kinds of news and information that are related to us as runners and as women!

I’m going to choose well known races throughout the country and the world and give you training schedules and tips for these specific
events. It’s always the right season for some great races. Training
schedules include:

• The Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon & 5K
• See Jane Run Women’s Half Marathon & 5K
• The Boston Marathon
• The Chicago Marathon
• The Bay to Breakers/San Francisco
• The New York City Marathon
• The Honolulu Marathon
• The Disneyland Marathon
• The London Marathon
• The Nike Women’s Half and Full Marathon
• The San Francisco Half & Full Marathon & 5K

If you notice that I’m predominantly indicating races in California,
and specifically the Bay Area, it’s because that’s what I know.
Please feel free to send me information on other runs. I’ll check
into them. I especially want to know if the runs are for women only
and, if they are well organized!

Right now, I’m focusing on the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon and 5K Run – February 3, 2008. Starting today, you have 10 weeks to get prepared for this race. 10 weeks is enough time for either event. For the Half Marathon, you should already be running, even if not training officially for this race. I’ll give you an intermediate training schedule for the half marathon. For the 5K (3.1 miles) you can start from scratch and be ready for this fun event.

The entry fee goes up after 1/11/08 and there is a limit to the
number of participants. All race details are on the official website
http://xnet.kp.org/sanfrancisco/index.html. So, if you haven’t
already started training, Now Is The Time!!

This issue I’ll tell you about myself. The research was easy! In my
senior year of high school the entire class had to run a mile for the
President Kennedy Physical Fitness Test, as required for all
graduating seniors. We girls never ran on the track. In fact, we were
not allowed to run in high school running programs. At that time
there was no Title 9.

I failed miserably in my attempt, having no idea how to pace myself.
I felt abandoned by the P.E. Dept. having no concept of how to run
that far. Our “Girl’s” PE Program never offered any type of running
program in my entire 4 years of high school. Thank goodness things
have now changed.

However, this event piqued my interest in learning more about my
physical limits and “pushing myself”. My chosen graduation present
was a trip to a girl’s Outward Bound Course in the Cascade Mountain Range. Outward Bound introduced me to my inner ability to overcome both mental and physical fears and obstacles. In addition to rock climbing, rappelling, and 3 days alone in the woods with no food or sleeping bag, I completed running a “marathon” at the end of the 26 day course! It was life changing…

I loved learning that a woman like me could do these things! I
blossomed with the realization that I could overcome mental and
physical barriers that had seemed impossible. These barriers were
self-made and I could change them! This was a wonderful awakening for an 18 year old.

Graduating from high school created many life changes as I headed out on my own, not knowing what direction to go in. Living on my own, with a full time job and part time attendance at a community college, gave me ultimate freedom and limited time. I stopped exercising and gained more than 40 pounds. Oh, those morning doughnuts, endless cups of coffee and sitting all day were changing me in ways I hadn’t realized. I had so much to learn about what really mattered.

When I realized that change needed to occur I was positive that I
could make it happen. It would take work and believing in myself but
I knew I could do it! I started running after work in a park across
the street from where I lived. I ran when it was dark because I was
embarrassed for people to see me. Running/Jogging at that time was
not common, especially for women. One time around the block equaled 1/8 of a mile. It took about a month before I ran 8 times around that block, but I was on my way!

30 pounds lighter and a few years later I ran my first official
marathon and placed third female! Another milestone had been reached and I was hooked. I have been running ever since.

The essence of this story however, goes way beyond my love of
running. The true benefit has been the gift of fitness, discipline,
and the psychological/emotional lift that running has given to me.
Running has offered comfort and clarification to me during difficult
times when the rest of my life was in turmoil. There have been many
trials throughout my life (as there are for all of us) and running
has been a steadfast friend. There have even been epiphanies (of a
sort) during my running. Little assists and major realizations have
occurred and, as any runner knows, they just happen! How could I give that up?

Now, if I had to stop running for reasons beyond my control, I would
have the wonderful memories and knowledge of the commitment I made when I COULD run. I would carry within me the solace of knowing that I was given a gift and took full advantage of it while I was able.

You owe it to yourself to use this gift, too. The distance you run is
not the issue. How fast you run doesn’t matter. That you get out and
maintain your well-being; that you run to show your appreciation for
the ability to move; that you realize how much better you will be,
for those around you, when you take care of yourself through
exercise; these are what matter!

Amy Montemarano started a new website for women who travel and want to run with other women during their stay. She offers information forvacation sites and for business travel. Check out her website at www.womenruntheworld.com. Isn’t this a great idea? Thanks for putting it together Amy.

• Stay tuned for details about the Sunday running program that
will launch in early January, 2008.
• Start preparing for the upcoming running tours to England
this summer and the NYC Marathon in November of 2008.
• Hold on for the official launch of the Ask About Running

The easiest way to continue to receive this weekly digest is to subscribe to my Yahoo Group at AskStephanieAboutSports@yahoogroups.com and you’ll be on the
automatic mailing list.

Please send me your stories, comments, and questions about life and running. My E-mail is Stephanie@AskAboutRunning.com. I’m very
excited to see how this digest evolves.

And, if you are training for the Kaiser Half and 5K, be sure to open
the Training attachment on this E-mail or check the group site or
contact me directly. We’re going to have a lot of fun with our Weekly Pep Talk!

Stephanie Atwood

P.S. Photos were added in this current version for a nicer presentation. These early issues were originally published as emails from word documents.
Go WOW Team

Questions Provide the Key – Weekly Pep Talk Start May 11, 2015

The Weekly Pep Talk #277

Start May 11, 2015
by Stephanie Atwood

Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential

– Anthony Robbins.
This quote was retrieved from our January 2010 Weekly Pep Talk. This newsletter, The Weekly Pep Talk, has been sent consistently since 2007!


WOW Woman of the Week: Robbi Cook is one of the longest term members of Go WOW Team. She is a quiet, consistent (and surprisingly daring!) member. Thank you for your support of Go WOW Team Robbi. It’s been a good adventure so far. Where do we go next? Here is a quote from Robbi after her second half marathon in 2010. ”Thank you WOW team for inspiring me to run my second 1/2 marathon! I never would have imagined doing this a year ago…more


May Birthdays – Lily Chien-Davis, Edie Cote, Faith Wolper-Terwilliger, Kim Lowe, Kelly Woodard, Kathryn Levenson, Christie Aereias, Gretchen Treffilletti, Jessica Mangaccat, Michaela Ristaino, Pam Skiles, Aisling Lipton, Ingrid Canepa, Becky Freeman, Sara Tarantino. Happy Birthday Ladies!


See Jane Run Discount Coupon 25% off for anyone. You don’t have to be a WOW Member. And, this applies for all races, all distances, including Alameda and Seattle 5K, half marathon and the fall duathlon, triathlon at Shadow Cliffs! Code: SJRAMB15300 at www.seejanerun.com
Ready to Beat Fat, Get Fit, Go from Couch to Accomplished? Join Coach Stephanie on Thursday, May 14 at 6:00 PM 


Coach Pep Talk for the Week: 
Maca. Who knows about maca? I know some of you use it already and I am thinking of adding Maca Capsules to our current supplement list at AtLastTheBest.com.
What is maca? It is a root, grown in the high altitudes of South America. It is totally natural and has been touted as having magical qualities including higher energy levels, hormone balancing and increased libido. My main interest, as a nutritionist and coach, is in a natural pick-me-up as a morning alternative to coffee.
Maca is high in natural starch, meaning it has a high glucose content. This is clearly part of why it would give someone energy.  I know of people who put a bit of maca powder in their smoothies in the morning for its “super food” benefits. However, the 1 tsp. recommended dosage does not infer that one would get a sugar rush. Granted, the powder is dehydrated and much denser than the fresh root but there is probably more to its energy potential than just its starch content.
I have tried maca powder sprinkled on oatmeal and found it quite unappealing. Some describe it as “tasting like dirt”. Thus, the capsules (or v-caps) to be precise (vegan-caps) would offer the energizing effect and the convenience of taking the supplement whenever you like rather than having to blend with other food.
Tell me if you use maca and what your experience has been. I am very interested in whole food nutrition and supplementation, when possible. Maca seems like a good option and one that I am adding to my morning regimen. Who else takes maca?
Here is a link to an interesting article about maca and the appropriate dosage for healthy use. 


Fill in your workouts online through our WOW Team/Strava Challenge (Kim C joined!) or continue using the paper form for the WOW Team Challenge. Your choice but be sure to DO IT! If using Strava just list Go WOW in the title of your workout to distinguish it from other non-WOW workouts. I’ve been listing all my workouts based on time, not miles. You can do both but I will only list my races with times. This will keep the rest of my information a bit private while still sharing the important stuff and keeping me “honest”.
Link to the WOW Team Challenge Form. Are you filling in your WOW Team Challenge Form? We have several members who have claimed their 10 hour dog tag. Come on ladies! There are more of you out there!

  • Kim Conner
  • Allison Hickey
  • Kathleen Davis
  • Jacque Keller
  • Nicole Dryden
  • Anne Olson

Please announce your 10 hour achievement on Facebook and keep track of your hours. We will reward you at our next Wednesday or Sunday workout and will put your photo on the Facebook Winners Circle and Go WOW Team page. Who else has gotten to Level 2 at 10 hours completed? Now, keep going to the next level at 50 hours! That’s some major miles. I am now at 48 hours and zeroing in on the 50 hour badge. Who else is there?


Marathon Minute: from Coach Lauren – Read more about WOW Team Mentors on our Website Blog. These posts go all the way back to 2010.


Bay Area Go WOW News
Hi Ladies!
They did it! The Golden Gate Relay is now over and seemed like quite the event. They started in Calistoga and just kept going until they got to Santa Cruz. Congratulations to the 12 women who participated: Karin T, Lizette B, Allison H, Leslie G, Gina H, Gretchen T, Lori W, Jessica M, Michelle K, Cecilia H, Nicole D, Tres F!

We are in the process of putting together a book about the experience and will let you know when it is published. I will produce a Kindle book first and, who knows, we may turn it into a best seller!
Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. It always surprises me how many of you choose to get out and run rather than sleep in. You are some awesome mothers!
It was great to see Sophie J join us last Sunday after having just graduated with her Masters in Family Counseling while also running a family with 3 small children. So good to see you Sophie. Keep coming!
Coach Lauren is on a trip to Greece and Turkey until mid June. Yikes! What am I going to do? Have a great trip Lauren. We miss you already.
The half marathon and 5K training is going well. I see our new members gaining strength and speed. If you stick with the plan you will be well prepared on race day for a quality race. And, I can guarantee you will not finish last!
So much of participating in a race is the confidence to finish. All of you have already completed the distance many times or, if you are training for the half marathon, you are building steadily. Now it is just fine tuning your training and sticking with it. Don’t give up! You can do this!
This Thursday will be the intro/orientation for our Couch to Accomplished Program. Join the call to learn more about this amazing fat burning program.  And if you haven’t listened to the videos I offered earlier this month, here is a link to all 4 segments with videos about your perfect body, 7 minute exercise sets, and the importance of water. I hope some of you will join me on Thursday for the live call of Beat Fat, Get Fit, Couch to Accomplished
When: Thursday May 14, 6PM
What: Dial in call with Coach Stephanie to explain how to become a more efficient fat burner
How: Dial in: 1 712 432-3011 Code 211360
Additional: Coach Stephanie will go over the 10 day program for how to burn more of your body’s stores of fat. This is based on her best-selling book Belly Fat Blowout and works for already lean athletes or “wannabe’s who would like to reduce that donut around their waist.
It’s free and you will learn a lot.
See you Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday. I’m up for this. How about you?
Coach Stephanie
See Jane Run Racers
Faith Enemark
Holly Haley
Kim Connor
Marybeth Temples
Coach Stephanie
Nicole Green
Gretchen Treffiletti
Rosa Kaderas-Redmond
Allison Hickey
Who else?
New, Free! Wednesday Community Boot Camp at Bella Vista Park in Oakland. Join me for this new community gathering – free boot camp at 8:30 every Wednesday morning. Details on Meetup
Big Sur it is! You voted, we listened! Go WOW Team will be participating, once again, in the Big Sur 5K and Half Marathon on November 7-8. Mark your calendars now as you have to sign up early to be guaranteed a spot in the race. You also need accommodations and Go WOW handles some of this, or you can do your own. Either way, you need to prepare EARLY.


Bits and Pieces…
Start your own WOW Team neighborhood group. We’ll help! We’re just in the testing stages of this but if you want to start your own group contact StephanieAtwood@gowowliving.com. Let’s expand and share the Go WOW LOVE in your city or state!
At Last The Best and Go WOW Living are offering all products recommended by Coach Stephanie, including supplements, books, and more. Check it out! http://atlastthebest.com
Go WOW Team is our team website! http://gowowteam.com.
Facebook Links – Please LIKE us on our public page at http://facebook.com/gowowteam and http://facebook.com/wowliving and, for Members only, ask for an invitation to The Winners’ Circle (details in your New Member’s Welcome Letter)
RSVP on Meetup – Whether you are a member or drop-in, please RSVP on http://meetup.com/gowowteam . Members do not have to pay an additional fee, just click through when you RSVP. Your Meetup RSVP also assures that if we need to cancel, you will be notified!


Amazon Books by Best Selling Author Coach Stephanie Atwood
Books are also available online at our new website at http://atlastthebest.com and on Amazon in Kindle format and paperback.
Belly Fat Blow-out 2! http://amzn.to/19hyouV Sequel to the bestselling Belly Fat Blowout 1. Lose inches, balance blood sugar, reduce night sweats, burn fat and be a better athlete.
Belly Fat Blowout Book 1 http://amzn.to/ZkB8A2 . Now in paperback, too.
Run Faster Race Even Better http://amzn.to/WYNXje
Run Faster Race Better http://amzn.to/Wi5Qfg Now in paperback, too.
Journal – A Day of Achievement and Inspiration – in paperback only http://amzn.to/1o9OCjr
Please leave a review on Amazon.com if you can. I love the feedback and the positive reviews help sell the books. 20 words are all it takes! Thanks – Coach
Share your updates and photos with us on The Winners’ Circle.  Let’s help each other stay accountable and let each of us know that we are important. That’s what running buddies do! That is why the WOW Team exists! Let’s get this done together. Go Running Buddies!
Note that meetup and the Go WOW Team website offer directions by clicking on the maps and location links. It’s better, oftentimes, to look over our pre thought out descriptions than just setting your GPS and heading out. Some of our locations are difficult to find using GPS because they don’t have a precise address. When you RSVP if for any reason we need to cancel, we can notify you. Please RSVP. Thanks!
Questions, comments? Post them on Facebook, if possible. Meetup works too.
Upcoming Events of Note: (this is not a complete WOW Team calendar)

  • May 14 – Couch to Accomplished, Beat Fat, Get Fit was postponed until this date. Join us for the live call
  • May 16 – Saturday Trail Runs, check with Tres on the series of trail runs that she will lead for intermediate runners. First one is May 16 at 1:00. Details on Meetup.
  • May 23 – Saturday workouts with Susan Haworth in Alameda. Susan has offered to help out with some Saturday fun workouts for all levels. Starting On May 23, with about one each month. Details coming soon on Meetup.
  • May 31 – practice on See Jane Run Half marathon Course
  • June 20-21 – See Jane Run Expo and Race
  • June 27 – Tres’ Trail Run
  • June 28 – Triathlon Orientation Talk and Clinic 
  • July 11 – Plan Nutrition for Peak Race and Training Performance – a talk by Coach Stephanie at Road Runner Sports in Berkeley 

Details for these special events are on meetup. For the full calendar of WOW Workouts go to our website at or http://meetup.com/gowowteam
Bay Area Women’s Racing Federation 2015 Calendar of Races – Want to race as a team? Join our Bay Area Women’s Racing Federation (BAWRF) and get in on the fun. Contact Coordinator Lizette if you plan to participate at Lizette.byer@gmail.com . Here is the link to the schedule of races and how to register. http://www.pausatf.org/data/2015/RRSchedule2015.html .
Race for Money and Points. The Bay Area Women’s Racing Federation is Official
Specifically geared to racing in the USATF Sponsored Series that offers money and points to qualifying teams. Any woman may join us who loves to compete. You don’t have to be a WOW Member because this group will require separate, individual membership and annual team membership and insurance through USATF (United States Track and Field). Group information is available at http://meetup.com/bawrf-usa .There is a lot of information on the PAUSATF site, too. We list ourselves as BAWRF or Bay Area Women’s Racing Federation.
Be sure to look over our website at Go WOW Team website to realize ALL the VALUE of your WOW Membership.
Post on Winners’ Circle every week –Open to all WOW Members, current and former – Be sure to join if you haven’t already!  http://www.facebook.com/groups/244142088969843/295132213870830/
#1  Robbi Cooke and Coach Stephanie at the Redding 9 miler, photo by Lauren Ganes
#2  Maca Root in its natural state. Photo from superiorsupplementmanufacturing.com
#3  The Golden Gate Relay Dynamic Dozen at the finish. Photographer unknown
#4  Eileen K at the finish of her leg at the Christmas Relays in SF, photo by Lauren Ganes
#5  Eileen K sprinting to the finish at the Big Sur 5K, photo by Lauren Ganes


The Weekly Pep Talk Issue 275 Start April 13, 2015

WPT 275 by Coach Stephanie Atwood

Quote of the Week: “Failure to plan means planning to fail.” – Brian Tracy

WOW Woman of the Week: Let’s give a shout out to Janet McGee. Special lady who drives over from SF on a regular basis to join us. We like it when you join us Janet. Come often!


April Birthdays – Rebecca Novick, Elke Russell, Karin Tulloch, Jen Wuest, Kosheno Moore Takahashi, Emily Tharp, Colleen Blakelock, Julie Traylor-Cruz. Happy Birthday ladies


Coach Tip of the Week: Three purposeful workouts a week. This will get most of us where we want to be. Continue reading The Weekly Pep Talk Issue 275 Start April 13, 2015

The Weekly Pep Talk Start December 13, 2011

The Weekly Pep Talk, December 13, 2011

Quote of the Week: “One is defeated only when one accepts defeat.” – Marshall Foch

Woman of the Week:
Christy Gerren
, Christy just keeps on going! One of these days she will fulfill that dream of completing a marathon…

Link to WOW Team Resources for Non Members and Members

Become a WOW Team Mentor

If you are an enthusiastic WOW Member who would like to share the benefits of WOW Membership with new members please consider being a MENTOR.

The basic requirements are that you care and will show up (we’ll work out a schedule ahead of time). WOW wants you for the upcoming season from January 7 through race day of the Oakland Running Festival in March. Here is the link for details.

Dear Ladies,

What a year! I am blown away by what you women have accomplished!

I was thinking about Iris, who just completed her fifth half marathon for the year. Are you impressed or what? Iris, you rock!

And then there’s Michaela. She had never run more than a 2 mile race and, within 7 days completed 2 hilly races, the first was 7.6 miles, the second 13.1! Incredible!

Now we can’t ignore Pam or Kathrina who, in May ran and walked a 5K with no prior race experience then went on to honor their teams by racing their legs off in the December CIM Relay – farther than either of them had ever raced before! Kathrina is talking marathon and I think she will do it. Pam and Kathrina, I’m lovin’ it!

How about Julie? Just about to turn 70 and competed in her first 2 half marathons in 2011! Can you believe it? When Julie turns 70, you ladies in the 70 – 79 category better watch out!

Now, the WOW Team is made up of women who are all like Iris, Michaela, Julie, Pa, Christy, and Kathrina. We work hard, we strive for personal goals, and we keep going.

Do you know why? Because the purpose of running with the WOW Team is not to run the fastest; it is to set a goal, get some feedback from a coach who really cares, train with your buddies, and keep moving for the rest of your life!

When I see the friendships that are created, like that between Heidi and Ellen (who have been with WOW for many years), who have weathered the ups and downs that life gives us, I am touched by the simplicity and significance of time spent together.

We share a bond far beyond that of miles and speed yet we are able to attain athletic goals, seemingly beyond our reach, through the camaraderie, support, and certainty that we are there for each other now and will continue to be there, week after week, for the foreseeable future.

WOW Women Rock! Here’s to a great 2011 and who knows what’s in store for 2012. I think we’re in for a MARVELOUS NEW YEAR!

Go for it! – Coach Stephanie

P.S. You new ladies who showed up at Lake Merritt on Wed or Sunday are getting an early start on training for the Oakland Half Marathon, 5K and Relay. Keep it up! Control the holiday SPREAD with exercise!

Recap Walnut Creek Half Marathon and 5K

Be sure to look on Facebook and our WOW Team website for the details. Lauren wrote a great Marathon Minute and took wonderful photos of the day! Congratulations Michaela R, Iris T, Julie Y, Sarah K, Fiona, Robbi C, and Rowena R!

Credit also goes to Eileen, Lauren and me for being out there in freezing temps to cheer on the troops. Temps were barely above freezing but it was well worth the frozen feet!

Sunday Celebration Recap

The party at Robbi’s house was lively and full of good talk and food! Lesley’s kale salad took first place and the recipe is on the WOW Team Facebook site. Rowena’s rice and seafood salad took a close second. Recipe please?

Check out the wonderful photos, recipes, and comments on Facebook. Thanks Robbi for hosting the party, Lauren and Ellen for taking photos; and each of you who brought the yummy food to share!

Happy December Birthday to Yael W, Robbi C, Noel Y, Dorothy D

Happy December Anniversary to Mayra M and Carlos

Interested in carpooling or contacting a member? Go to the Winners Circle (for members only) and get in on the dialog.

Need more information about the Oakland Running Fest? Check out the WOW Team website HOME Page and click around!

Upcoming – Mark your Calendars (not including the regular workouts. All details for all WOW Events and Workouts are posted on meetup)

Monday, December 19 – Online call about the Oakland Run Fest

December 24- 30 – No Official WOW Workouts (Arrange some through the Winners Circle?)

December 31 – Run and ORF Intro at Sawyer Camp

January 1 – 4 No official WOW Workouts

January 3, Oakland Marathon Training Talk at Sports Basement in Walnut Creek – 6:30PM

January 5, Online Training Call for Oakland Half Marathon and 5K with WOW Team Coach Stephanie

January 6, Mentors and Assistants welcome dinner at the home of Coach Stephanie

January 7, Training Clinic with Coach Stephanie at Chabot College – 10AM – 4PM

January 8, First day of training for the New Year! Meet your WOW Team Buddies! Start training for the Oakland Run Fest Half Marathon or 5K.

February 3, Runner’s Feast – Winter Seasonal Dinner – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, delicious Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

May 4, Runner’s Feast – Spring – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, DEELICIOUS Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

August 3, Runner’s Feast – Summer – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, DEELICIOUS Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

November 2, Runner’s Feast – Fall – WOW Team Member Lauren Ganes joins Coach Stephanie to offer a nutritionally balanced, training oriented, DEELICIOUS Seasonal Dinner with recipes, nutrition information.

Weekly Pep Talk Start May 17, 2010

The Weekly Pep Talk Start May 17, 2010

TWPT May 17-23

Here is the link to this week’s Weekly Pep Talk with all the good stuff just waiting to be read! Enjoy!

The Weekly Pep Talk Start January 12, 2010

A foggy Sunday morning at Lake Merritt for The WOW Team

The Weekly Pep Talk Week 2, January 11 – 17, 2010 – Rockin’ and Rollin’

Dedicated to each of you who made the 2010 commitment to get fit. WOW is here to help but without your follow-through it can’t happen. Stick with it! You are going to LOVE the results!


Dear WOW Members and Interested Readers,

What a crazy, wonderful first week of 2010 for The WOW Team! What an incredible bunch of women!  Between Tuesday, January 4 and Sunday, January 10 I attended 5 workouts with totally motivated women, ready to rock and roll!

There is a lot of material to cover this week and I want you to go to the new website at http;//gowowteam.com to check it out. Follow the various links in today’s Weekly Pep Talk or, if you prefer, read all the details right here in this E-zine version.

I had a great time speaking with and running or walking with many of you. I want to thank my helpers, Lauren G, Heidi H, Christy G, Kerry S, Kim L, Sarah T and Rob and Jessica (The WC Coaches). Thank you toTim Ketron who came on Sunday from his store, The Athletic Outpost, in Walnut Creek to tell us about shoes and also run with us. I want to thank each of you returnees for showing your confidence and support of The WOW Program. We’ve grown haven’t we? I also want to thank each new woman who joined our group and has made the commitment to fitness. The WOW Team is an innovative group of women who know that they want fitness in their lives. With your participation, The WOW Team finds ways to make fitness happen!  Each of you plays a part in making that occur. Go WOW Team! You Rock!

Not too late to sign up for The Oakland Half Marathon and 5K Training Program
There is still time for both. However, the group is almost full so don’t wait much longer. Please talk to me if you want to join. Let’s find out where you can pick things up.

New Walnut Creek WOW Group is Very Cool
Between Lulumen ladies and Pat, Cathy, Tami, Britney, and Elke, we had a super track workout at Las Lomas Track last Thursday. Rob and Jessica Medsger headed up the coaching team and the rest of us got a chance to run a timed mile. This helped us get a base for our Oakland Running Festival training. This groups has runners, walkers, experienced, and novice athletes so, come on out and join us – Thursday and Sunday in Walnut Creek. Go WOW Team Meetup .

One Week Down! 11 Weeks to Go!
Training for the 2010 Season and Oakland Running Festival got off to a sweaty start on Tuesday, January 5 when the first workout of the season took place at 6:30 AM in San Francisco.

The WOW Team presently meets 5 days a week throughout The Bay Area. As a member you are eligible to participate in any of the workouts, anywhere!

Currently our schedule goes like this:
Tuesday – Track in SF
Wednesday – Track in Piedmont
Thursday – Track in Walnut Creek
Saturday – Long run in San Francisco/San Mateo
Sunday – 2 Locations
Long run, walk/run, walk in Inner East Bay
Long run, walk/run, walk in Outer East Bay

Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential – Anthony Robbins