Moraga Commons Park, Moraga

IMG_4010 (640x480)Moraga Commons Park is at the junction of Moraga Road and St. Mary’s Road in Moraga. The entry is barely showing from the road so keep track of the junction of the 2 roads and be prepared to pull in to the parking area. The entry is small but you can see the parking lot and children’s play area.

Entry to the park is on St. Mary’s Road. If you Google this, it shows a different meeting point so be sure to enter on St. Mary’s Road.

Sunday workouts always start at 8AM.

Please plan to be at the starting point and to have used the facilities so that we can get started with the workout shortly after Coach explains the course. Thanks!

Park in the parking lot and meet near the public bathrooms.

Note: We start our workout from Moraga Commons Park on the Lafayette Moraga Trail.

Moraga Commons Park is at the junction of Moraga Road and St. Mary’s Road. It is easy to miss! Enter from St. Mary’s Road and look for the Children’s Playground. The sign is very difficult to see.

Meet near the public bathrooms. See you there!

This is also a great place to bring your bike. R/T is about 12 miles for the entire loop on the bike path.


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