Workout Information and Meetup Details

Long sleeve WOW shirts for cold, winter, workouts. So cozy!

Starting time for WOW Workouts on the weekends is 8:00am. Please make a note of this. Weekday workouts occur at a variety of times. check the Meetup site or Calendar on this website for details.

All our workouts and events are listed on Meetup AND on this website under the Calendar Tab.

Please RSVP on our Meetup site at Whether you are a paid member or a drop-in, we appreciate when you let us know you are coming. We understand that things can change and you can also change your RSVP to not coming if something happens.

You do not need to pay twice! When you become a subscribing member you do not need to pay the drop-in price. Drop-in fees are for non-members who haven’t officially joined WOW by paying their membership fee and monthly subscription fee.

The WOW Team website offers most of the information you will need for your questions. When you go to you will be on the home page. Click on the posts, check out the tabs at the top of the page, look at the side bar, etc. Our website offers most of the details you will need to be current on WOW issues including directions to our workouts, a calendar well into the future, how to receive the free Weekly Pep Talk Newsletter, and more. Please use this resource and learn more about it now.

WOW is on Facebook and twitter. You can follow us on these social networks and make posts, too. If you want to make comments on our public facebook page you will need to LIKE our page first. Just click on the like icon.

When you come to workouts dress in layers, bring a sports (digital watch, if possible), bring water. WOW rarely cancels due to weather. Check the website, facebook, and meetup for a message if you are not certain about the workout canceling.

The WOW Team provides snacks, sports drink, and water for most weekend workouts.. We also recommend you bring your own drink and snack to be prepared and in case our “stuff” doesn’t sit well in your stomach.

8 thoughts on “Workout Information and Meetup Details”

    1. Terry, we’d love to have you come out and give the group a try. We have a special walking group that does 60 minutes of walking every Sunday morning.

      If you’d like to give us a try your first visit is FREE. Go to and RSVP please. Click through on the payment part as you will be our guest for your first workout.

      I hope to see you this weekend! – Coach Stephanie

  1. Hi,
    I stay in San Ramon, CA. I would like to join WOW. I never ran in my life but I would like to start.
    Please let me know which is the closest place I can join.

    1. Hi Vidya,
      now is th perfect time to get started withe the WOW Team. Please try to make an info meeting in Walnut Creek this weekend, Dec. 9 or next weekend in Oakland, Dec. 15.

      I’d love to speak with you and encourage you to join our amazing group of women.

      1. Hello Stephanie,

        I live in San Francisco and noticed the next run is in Contra Costa – Walnut Creek. Do you meet in San Francisco too? Do let me know.



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