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Go WOW Women! Fit Women of the World!

Welcome and thank you for taking the first step to lifelong fitness with Go WOW Team and Go WOW Living.

When women join Go WOW Team, they are welcomed at whatever level of ability they bring. We are the fitness club for all women! I want all women to feel comfortable and know that they will find support and companionship with us. When we’re moving, we’re getting fit. It doesn’t matter how fast we’re going! However, it really matters that we strive for our personal best. The WOW Team encourages and supports the best in every member.

Go WOW coaches WOMEN, all women, all sizes, shapes, ages, and abilities to find their athlete within. WOW also creates an environment of support, encouragement and fun that offers balance in our busy lives. We operate year round, both in neighborhood groups and through our online, national community.  There is no fundraising component with your membership.

When you become a member you will be training with women just like you! Training is provided by certified coaches and motivated mentors. You will be joining weekly workouts, either virtually or in your neighborhood, with your team-mates. Workouts are geared to race goals from 5K to a marathon, for novice walkers through fast runners! There is a place for you.

In addition to several workouts each week, WOW provides online training, coaching, and education, group support through our Winners Circle on Facebook and our Facebook Page at facebook.com/wowliving.

You’ll have access to the best coaches around and the BEST TEAMMATES in the whole world!

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